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White Balance

White balance is a setting that adjusts for different colour lighting in order to make white object appear white in photos.


Why do you need White Balance?

Your eyes and brain are very clever and adaptable.  The camera is a computer… and therefore is not. That means you are more amazing than your camera.

So imagine you have a white product.  Whilst it appears white to your eyes, under the different lighting conditions, the white will be tinted a different colour and so is the rest of your image. So if the product colour is important, neutralising the colour cast and restoring the white balance is crucial.


To give you an idea of the different colour casts, early morning light can produce a bluish cast, light in the late evening. an orange cast or under artificial lighting conditions (depends on the source), but to repeat myself, your clever brain still sees this as white. However, the camera does not.

To prevent this a white balance can be applied to the image ideally as the image is taken but can be adjusted later in software if not.

In your camera or camera app you should see at least some of the options below.  By selecting the appropriate one the camera will apply a colour correction to restore the colour as best as possible.

White Balance Settings
Which light settings to use for various conditions

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