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Lifestyle Photography

Breathe life into your products.

wealden-cake-companyBy using a commercial photographer you can plan the content of your image, resulting in a product that will be unique to You.

Imagery is far more effective than text. It is used to engage your audience quickly, get your message across – and is far more memorable too.

If you need quality product photography; or professional corporate portraits for a new brochure, adverts, your website; or for images the office wall or for insurance purposes etc, then you need to call Vinehall Studios.

Here at Vinehall Studios we have the creativity, ideal studio conditions, and specialist lighting equipment that will make your products stand out from the crowd.

For website, social media, catalogue, newsletter, press release and general use,

Prices start at £300: (depending on usage)

Call us now on 01424 575085 to book an appointment.