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Commercial Assignments

Commercial photographers are commissioned to take photographs for purposes such as marketing, promotion and advertising with the aim of selling a product or service.  The images may be applied to catalogues, merchandising, posters, hoardings, leaflets, menus, CD covers and so on, subject to contract.

The commercial photographer will work directly with the client’s brief to produce high-resolution images based on the design or contextual use the of product or service.  Photographs need to be essentially innovative and exciting to instantly capture the viewer’s imagination. For example shots of clothing need to capture the feature the mood, market, the wear-ability as well as the style of the garment and texture of the material.

Using photographs you can:

  • Replace text
  • Help promote the client’s brand
  • Give a product or service context
  • Make the viewer feel they want or need it
  • Engage your viewers by evoking an emotional response
  • Illustrate how the viewer would use it
  • Use corporate headshots to make the company appear more personalised and approachable

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