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Contemporary-DancersIt was a privilege to photograph these dancers.  One of the few times I think I need an even bigger studio.  I was amazed at how high they can leap without running or bouncing first.

Ok, so they are young girls but they were both so supple just like Ebony Colley of Tipi Yoga. I can barely even touch my toes – yet.  I am working on it.

Lighting proved challenging at times, especially when you weren’t sure where they were going to end up after a move or you knew the lights were going to be in their way.

One shot I was particularly keen to get was an image of the ballet shoes lit with a small spotlight. This was attained using a snoot, which narrows the light source down. Note to self.  This metal modifier gets hot.

Another shot I wanted was one of a dancer on points with a floaty piece of material floating behind her.  So with the wind machine on high, with a danger of goose bumps creating shadows, we aimed the machine at different angles but failed to get the effect I wanted.  Plan B.  Have someone throw the cloth in the air.  Problem solved.

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