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Beyond the Bounds of Auto

Beyond the Bounds of Auto Course
Beyond the Bounds of Auto Course

You can take great photographs by simply using your camera on auto. This course however, explains and demonstrates the benefits of using alternative modes available on your camera and how to achieve desired effects.

By understanding how your camera works, you can start taking the pictures you really want.

Course overview:

  • Introduction of your camera modes, one of which is auto.
  • Metering and exposure controls and how this affects your images.
  • The components of exposure, how to operate them and how they can be used to get different effects.
  • Exposure warnings and histograms.
  • Focusing.
  • Glossary of your camera’s functions; and how and when to use them.

This course covers theory, demonstrations and practical sessions.

You will need to bring your lunch, camera and camera manual, if you have one. Alternatively try to download one from the internet.

One day course £95 per person, includes beverages and course notes

If you would like more details about our courses, dates and times, or simply to register an interest please call Marian on 079 1234 4954.


Your course was really well run and exactly what I was looking for. I have been through several books on photography and they are all just too in-depth. Your course provided me with a clear understanding of what I can do with my camera and how to manipulate the different parameters to achieve a descent photograph. I would really encourage anyone with an camera that sitting in the cupboard to do the course and move away from the “green button”. You’ll enjoy your camera more and gain a sense of pride from what you produce. I would really like to thank Vinehall Studios for a well run, well priced course.