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South East Open Studios June 2017

After much deliberation, in fact over a year, I decided to apply for the “South East Open Studios” in June, but being more a commercial photographer, I realised that I don’t really have that many images to put into an exhibition.

Stop, breathe, think… not necessarily in that order. I like to think that each of my images tells a story. My story is obviously not known to the viewer.  My story usually includes the history of the props as well as the composition of the image.

For example, a vase that belonged to my Mum (before I purloined it) was given to her by my Dad who also bought flowers to put in it every Wednesday.  The scissors used in a gardening shot were my late Grandma’s dressmaking scissors. (Sorry Grandma).  One of the books used in the reading shot, was my Dads when he was a boy.

However, a photo’s story does not solely belong to me. I invite you to the exhibition in June between the dates of 9th and 25th. when you can come to see the photos and create your own stories.

I’d better get creating. I will be giving you a few sneaky peaks in the coming months.

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