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Snapshots are small snippets of information to support little videos we are producing to help people who want to take their own product images.  More detailed information can be found elsewhere on the internet.

White Balance

White balance is a setting that adjusts for different colour lighting in order to make white object appear white in photos. LET’S START THIS WITH A QUESTION Why do you need White Balance? Your eyes and brain are very clever and adaptable.  The camera is a computer… and therefore is not. That means you are more amazing than your camera. …

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Different Light Sources

There are many light sources available and I am going to go into the main types here, starting from the most available and working towards those that need a bit more experience and take a while longer to set up – in my opinion of course. 1 Natural Daylight Some would argue that here in the UK perhaps this isn’t …

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Introduction to Snapshots

This is a new section to give help and advice for people who want to do simple product images on a budget.  I will also show you the results of taking the same images in a studio environment with post-processing.

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